dealing with changes

My apologies to all my German friends for writing English. My apologies to all of you for the way I am writing English, but at least now you all know why I became a musician and not a translator.
Recently I’ve been exposed to a lot of great musicians and teachers and I changed a few things in the way I practice which I want to start sharing. I’ll only be able to show you the tip of the iceberg, not because I don’t want to but because my time is limited and I don’t want to spend more time writing than practicing.
One thing that became very important to me is dealing with shapes. I’ve been doing so for a while without knowing. In my lessons with the great Frank Gratkowski we worked on a few atonal exercises in a book called ‚Modus Novus‘, transposing them etc., but starting this summer I started building my very own repertoire of shapes. Some of them are abstracted, like this: /_M (where _ is a rest), some more concrete than that. I also started working them into little exercises, of which two are finished by now. Are they technical? Yes, very much so. And they are strictly speaking only working for me, dealing with my problems and my musical ideas. Still, if you’re interested feel free to download this one I wrote inspired by Julian Lage. Have Fun!